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“It is possible to encounter God in many ways… encountering God is easy – it is following Christ afterwards that is the problem.”

Eduardo Bonnin – Co-founder of the world-wide Cursillo movement

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Anglican Cursillo in the Diocese of Canterbury

Cursillo is a movement of the whole Church that through piety, study and action, empowers Christians, from a wide range of traditions within the Anglican church, to follow Christ more closely, to grow in their faith and share God’s love with everyone!

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Up and coming events


Our next event will be the


Saturday 10th August

at St. Bartholomew's Church

Herne Bay, CT6 6EB

Eucharist at 12 noon

followed by a bring and share lunch

Prayer for Cursillo

We rejoice in the Cursillo movement, we remember our three days of returning to the beginning and falling in love again with our God and Saviour.


This is the fourth day, help us Lord to love and serve you with our whole hearts, our souls and our minds.


We pray for ourselves and each other in Canterbury Cursillo, relight the fire of your love in our spirits. Give us opportunities to tell others the wonderful Good News of Jesus and invite them to attend a Cursillo Weekend and stop, reflect and then love and serve you Lord with new fire and vision.



In Jesus name.  Amen

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